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What is Aviation Collectables ?
Aviation Collectables is the trading name under which we sell our commemorative covers and signed photographs.

What do you do?
We produce our own commemorative covers and also signed photographs, while we also stock a small range of books, prints and other collectables.  We currently have three cover series in progress: the Memorial Flight (MF) Series to raise money for the BBMF/LAA, the Vulcan (VRT) Series which raises money for the Vulcan Restoration Trust (VRT) who maintain Avro Vulcan XL426 and also the AV 600 Series which features RAF Squadrons and aircraft. We have finished our Battle of Britain photograph series and U-Boat photograph mini series and are currently working on our Coastal Command, Fighter Command and Luftwaffe Series.

My father, Squadron Leader Des Hill, acts as an advisor for the above but  now concentrates in producing his 50 Years of the Formula 1 World Championship series, which is a quite remarkable series of fifty covers - one for each year of the F1 World Championship. This is a massive undertaking and I can assure anyone that the amount of time spent on designing and researching the covers as well as tracking down the signatures is quite breathtaking. The venture is called Motorsport Charity Memorabilia and primarily raises money for Papworth Hospital but also benefits numerous other charities.

For further information on this Formula 1 project check out the MCM website at www.motorsportmemorabilia.com

What is the history of our cover series ?
Long before we started producing covers, the RAF Museum covers existed from 1967 onwards produced by Group Captain W.S.O. Randle CBE AFC DFM and his helpers to raise funds for the Museum itself.  After many years organising and overseeing the work of great numbers of volunteers and serving RAF personnel, a substantial amount of money was raised for the RAF Museum and especially in building and opening of the Bomber Command section of the Museum.

In 1987 having been producing covers for twenty years, the Consortium broadened its net and horizons and became the Joint Services Philatelic Charities Consortium in order to incorporate Army and Navy covers and also to widen the range of charities who benefited from the donations.  Notable achievements during this time were the 50th Anniversary of Second World War Battles & Events (1989-1995) and then the 80th Anniversary of the Great War (1994-1998) all produced by Group Captain W.S.O. Randle and his family.

During this time two other cover producers were active within the Consortium, Wing Commander C.G.R. Greaves, who produces the British Experimental Jet Series (1994-2005) and also took over the RAF First Day Cover Series (1992-1997) as well as producing the occasional cover in the 2nd Co-Ordinated Series (1981-1994).  The other cover producer was Squadron Leader D. Hill who having been an avid helper in the mid-1980s, stepped up to complete the 2nd Co-Ordinated Series (1981-1994) and then took over the 3rd Co-Ordinated Series (1995-to date).

The Consortium regularly donated large sums of money to a multitude of charities, including the Royal Air Force Association, Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund, Leonard Cheshire Foundation and Royal British Legion to name but a few of the larger charities with around 100,000 raised each year. In March 2001 the Joint Services Charities Consortium (JSCC) was disbanded, having raised over 4 million since the start of the covers in 1967. Throughout the whole duration Group Captain W.S.O. Randle had overseen and led the volunteers and in many cases worked tirelessly to produce by far the best researched and carefully constructed cover series bar none.

Group Captain W.S.O. Randle continues to produce covers under the name Veterans Charities Consortium (VCC) which has produced the 100th Anniversary of the Boer War, Lest We Forget First Day Covers (commemorating 19th Century Battles) and the Century of Flight Series. Currently there is an RAF Station series and also further new series in the final planning stages.

The 3rd Co-Ordinated series continues under the mantle of Aviation Collectables which was formed in 2001 and a number of new series have been added, which can be found in more detail on this website and on our online shop.

Aviation Collectables is not owned or connected to any other cover producer.
 We are not connected to VCC, Group Captain Randle or Wing Commander Greaves.
 The purpose of this website to list the covers and photographs we have produced
 along with older covers we have in stock which are available for sale.

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