JS(CC)75a Communication Survelliance and intelligence cover


Product may vary slightly from image representation.
JS(CC)75a RAF cover produced by ourselves in association with Betchley Park Post Office [as BPPO57].

RAF cover for Communication Surveillance and Intelligence showing Bletchley Park - Station X which played a key role during WWII and the modern day equivalent the BAe Nimrod R1 of No 51 Squadron. As the cover was designed for the jet aircraft stamps the artwork also shows a Vickers VC10 of No 101 Squadron which often refuels the Nimrod while on long-range missions.

The cover bears the 45p VC 10 Royal Mail Airliner stamp and cancelled with our sponsored BFPS 2674 postmark for the 40th Anniversary of the VC10 on 2 May 2002 - the first day of issue.

Unsigned variant
Cover size 210mm x 120mm