VRT1d 50th Anniversary of the Avro Vulcan signed Baldwin, Lumb & Mayes


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Cover for the 50th Anniversary of the Avro Vulcan depicting the first prototype Vulcan VX770 on its first flight and also Vulcan XM607 taking off from Ascension Island during the Black Buck Raids during the Falklands War in 1982.

The cover bears a 20p black definitive stamp and is cancelled with BFPS 2673 postmark for the 20th Anniversary of the Black Buck Raids which was the codename given to the Royal Air Forces\'s role in where Avro Vulcan Bombers played a substantial part in bombing the airfields flying from Ascension Islands to the Falklands being refulled by Victor tankers along the way.

The cover has been signed by three RAF Officers who during their careers commanded a Vulcan squadron. The years that they commanding the squadron is shown in brackets.

Hand signed by Air Commodore S A Baldwin, Officer Commanding No 44 Squadron (1980-82)
. Air Commodore C P Lumb CBE, Officer Commanding No 50 Squadron (1981-84) &
Group Captain P W Mayes, Officer Commanding No 9 Squadron (1980-82)

300 Signed, Numbered and Certified

Air Commodore S A Baldwin who was Commanding Officer No 44 Squadron 1980-1982 and was also the last Commanding Officer of a Vulcan Bomber Squadron. Air Commodore C P Lumb CBE who was Commanding Officer No 50 Squadron 1981-1984 and was the last ever Commanding Officer of a RAF Vulcan Squadron. Group Captain P W Mayes who was the last Vulcan Commanding Officer of No 9 Squadron 1980-1982.

All three squadrons would have lent aircrew or possibly aircraft to Operation Black Buck which was formed of three aircraft and crews involved in bombing operations taking off from RAF Ascension Island and flying to the Falklands to attack Argentinian radar sites and occupied airfields.