Aviation Collectables produced Covers


For this series we are using an artist named Ross Wardle, who for a great many years produced artwork for the Matchbox kits, including their aircraft, motorcycles and tanks. In recent years he has been producing artwork for 50 Years of Formula 1, having built some of his Matchbox kits in my early years and being an ardent fan it seemed only logical to turn some of his stunning aircraft artwork into commemorative covers.

The format for the series is full cover artwork with the aircraft subject taking pride of place, while the cover design is quite understated with the Squadron number, aircraft manufacturer and type shown clearly in the top left hand corner with the customary address label in the bottom right corner. Each cover will be serviced as normal with stamp and postmark in the top right hand corner, while signatories will be encouraged to sign underneath the aircraft with their signature block overprinted on the covers.

The covers will be strictly limited edition to not more than 1,000 covers and in most cases the number will be around 600 to 750 examples consisting of four signed variants, which will be numbered and certified in the usual manner on the envelope flap.
There are no flight details on the covers, as they are not flown.

Covers already produced:

RAF 109 Squadron De Havilland Mosquito
RAF 112 Squadron Curtiss P-40 Kittyhawk
RAF 582 Squadron Avro Lancaster
RAF 7 Squadron Short Stirling
RAF 74 Squadron Supermarine Spitfire
RAF 111 Squadron English Electric Lightning
RAF 2 (AC) Squadron Panavia Tornado
RAF 32 (The Royal Squadron) BAe 146
RAF 56 Squadron BAC F1A Lightning
RAF 74 Squadron BAC F3 Lightning
RAF 44 Squadron Avro Vulcan

AV600 Specials

Those aircraft which do not fit into the RAF format will be included in the Specials especially if their design is of historic or military value. They will be in the same full artwork format as the standard AV600 series.

Covers already produced

British Airways Concorde

POW Series

Covers already produced which depict POW camps - half cover artwork with appropriate stamps postmarks and signatures.

Stalag Luft III

MF Series

Covers already produced in conjunction with the Lincolnshire Lancaster Association. Covers depict artwork by Tony Theobald.

MF1 60th Anniversary of the Lancaster
MF2 60th Anniversary The Augsburg Raid
MF3 60th Anniversary The 1000 Bomber Raids
MF4 60th Anniversary The Formation of the Pathfinder Force
MF5 60th Anniversary The Battle of the Ruhr
MF6 60th Anniversary of the Dams Raid
MF7 60th Anniversary The Hamburg Raids
MF8 60th Anniversary The Peenemunde Raid
MF9 60th Anniversary The Dusseldorf Raids
MF10 60th Anniversary The Battle of Berlin
MF11 60th Anniversary The Nuremberg Raids

VRT Series

Covers already produced

VRT1 50th Anniversary of the First Vulcan Flight
VRT(F)1 VRT - 50th Anniversary of the First Vulcan Flight